Balian Beach

Balian Beach is located along the west coast. 60 km away from hustle bustle Seminyak and Kuta area. About 1 hour drive you will see a broken surf board on the left side of the road with Balian Beach on it. follow the road about 5 minutes and park your car next to the Warungs on top of the cliff. Check it out the swell from the cliff.
Left usually longer then right. Nice spot, Less crowded, kindly go early morning, usually at 11.00 am onshore wind comes. When you enter the water, you will be taken by the current to the right. Do not try to against the current. Instead just paddle out. After about 80 meters offshore paddle to the left. it is very long paddle to the peak but at the same times you get really long rides. Left more favorable, suitable for experience up to proffesional surfer. To surf in there, all tide is the best time to surf in there.

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