Bali Surf Lessons

Imagine yourself riding a wave on beautiful beach in Bali. Our popular two-hours beginner surf lessons will get you a safely up an onto you first waves before you have had time to worry about authentic taste of surfing. Useful safety information about waves and the beach, and a smile that you would not be able to wipe off for hours!

Bali Surf Waves offers  the fantastic surf lesson with great experiences on seawater adventure to break the wave with first step level until complete your fun surfing adventures in the paradise island of Bali. Our surf lesson will encourage you how to learn surfing well, safety and surf awareness. Our professional local surf instructor will teach you from beginning of step to understanding of board characteristic, paddling, positioning and standing up well. On step forward, we will take you into the water for practice and experience the greatest water adventures in this planet. We will remove your doubt from the challenges and proof it with the fantastic experiences on your vacation in this island of God.

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Surf School

Bali Surf Lessons are tailored designed to fit your own skill and goals. We are proud to arrange your surf school for couple of days to meet your best time of vacation in Bali and much experience on the water with different wave’s characteristic those are all full of fun. Our surf lesson package is covering of hotel transfers, surf board rental, professional surf instructors, surf theories and surf experiences.


Safety is number one priority. Our surfing lessons provide soft top surf board and safety pin which is safe for beginner surfer our friendly surf guide will lead you step by step the necessary theory of the basic surfing that you need to know. Board characteristic, how to paddle and standing up. Then our surf guide will take you into water to practice the theory and catch your first wave


By this level, our surf guide will take you step forward and ride your own green waves. Our surf guide will develop techniques and how to catch waves by yourself. Your surf instructor will tell you about surf rules and regulation, beach typical, and waves typical of the surfing spot that you will visit finally. Surf guide will look after you, how you paddle through the surf into line up. How you pick the waves, when you take off, ride your board and get into the line-up with some amazing waves.

For more information about surfing lesson please contact us by E-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please click here for the rate info



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