Sanur Beaches

Sanur Beaches is a beautiful white sandy Beach with panoramic view to the ocean situated in east side of  Denpasar City and become one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali Island. It is has been famous since the Dutch colonial and now it has been much developed to serve every guest what to stay in this area. As a favorite place, Sanur Beach is well appointed as an access of surf spot located in shore break featured by the great waves for surf adventures. The sea water at the coastal is calm and suitable for swimming and the beach it self is featured by the white sand with peaceful atmosphere surround it that makes it as an ideal place for relaxation and recreation. By those reason, It is many visited by tourist from foreign countries and domestic. The waves at the shore break are great, and powerful those are give more challenges for the surfers to conquer it and to enjoy the surf adventures. This shore break has been a favorite surf point in the Bali Island where is many surfers has tried and experienced the exciting adventures of surf on this spot.

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Sanur beach

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Sanur Beaches Location

Sanur Beach is located in Sindu Village of Sanur, Denpasar and Bali Province – Indonesia. It is only 15 minutes away from Denpasar City or 35 minutes from Denpasar International Air port. It is a tourist place famous throughout the world and a pioneer of Bali’s Tourism that is strategically situated in the center of Bali Island. It is easily reached from any directions due to it is completed by the good access and situated close by the surf spots such as Padang Galak Beach, Biyaung Beach, Serangan Beach and Keramas Beach. It is also close by the famous tourist destinations in Bali particular located in Denpasar City such as traditional Market, Jagat Nata Temple.

Quality starstarstar
Difficulty starstar
Suitability Experience / Pro
Direction Left and Right
Type Reef
Avg. Size 3 ft
Max. Size 10 ft


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