Airport Surf Spot

Lorenzo, young man from Italy, having vacation in Bali for a month, He decided to spend his vacation with us to explore the surf spots in Bali, starting from West side of Bali through east side of Bali. He love much airport surf spot. So we have to go with a traditional boat to get there. For the safety reason we ask the captain of the boat to wait us inside until we done surfing. There are 2 choices while you go to the airport surf spot. Which is airport right and airport left. Good wave for advanced surfer up to professional surfer. mid to high tide is the best time to surf.
Bali Surf GuideThere are three spot that you can surf in Airport Surf spot

Air port Left

Located in front of the northern side of the airport runaway in Tuban. About 1,5 kms south of Kuta reef and approx 1 km from the beach, You can hire local traditional boat to take you to the spot.
This is Japanese favorite spot. The wave is not very powerful, but can be very fun. you can get some barrels if you know how to find it. will be working well on mid to high tide.

Airport right

Airport right is by the southern side of the airport. The wave you can not seen by a shore. the way to get there is only hire a traditional boat and do expect to pay.
When the swell is big on the reefs along the Kuta stretch it is worth taking a trip around airport to airport rights with the high tide in the morning and a big swell to go with it. The chance are that this break will be working.  ride up 100 meters or more waves in here. When its 2-4ft it gonna be really crowded in here.

Middle Reef

Is located in Between Kuta Reefs and Airport Lefts. Left-hander will go for 100-200 meters at times. Can be surfed all times. And can be really crowded. You have to hire a boat to get to the spot. And the captain boat will wait you in there with some extra money that you tip him. Will be suitable to surf on mid-high tide

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