Bali Surf Guides


 Known around the world for our beautiful white sandy beaches, stunning turquoise water, friendly people, unique culture, and one of the best surfing destination in the world. starting to beginner up to professional. Bali has been a favorite vacation destination for generations of travelers.

Let us show you that Bali is so much more. We invite you to enjoy unexpected treasure , such as beaches, cultural, daily live activity, and much more. During your stay, I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy our beaches with warm water and ride a surf boards with our local surf guide talent. Our Surf guide will lead you on water as your suitability.

Best time to Surf
There are 2 seasons in Bali, dry season and wet season. On dry season, west coast side of Bali is more favorable then east coast. Which is starting from April – October. And suitable for any surfer skill, starting from beginner up to professional surfer. from months of November and early March is east coast season, which is suitable for experience and professional surfer. Warm water all year with temperatures 21 Celsius – 25 Celsius. Here we ready to guide you, take you to the suitable surf spot, as an experience that you may have regarding about surfing. Starting from beginner up to professional.
Our Bali surf guides are come from the young local people who are energetic and friendly. They have strong dedication and willingness to learn. Moreover, they are outstanding to serve you in every services you need. They have strong dedication and willingness to learn. They are experienced and well trained Surf Guides  that make them ready to serve our clients in every occasion.

For more regarding about surfing tours and location, please contact us by E-mail, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For the terms conditions and rate info please click here

Once again welcome to our island and We hope you have wonderful stay. And with our local surfing talent, lets us guide you to ride your boards in Bali island. “Lets Go For Surfing

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