Kedungu Beach

Kedungu Beach Best Surf Spot for Beginner

Kedungu Beach is a beautiful beach located on the south side of Tabanan district. This beach is only 15 minutes away by using a vehicle from Tanah Lot. Furthermore, Kedungu Beach has a large beach area with a stretch of black sand from the east to the west. This place also blesses the amazing view of the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the view of the sunset in the afternoon has attracted tourists to come to this place. Meanwhile, Kedungu Beach has good and consistent waves so that it can be used by surfers, especially beginners. There are several surf points which are excellent for each level of surfers including beginners to intermediates. Until now, Kedungu Beach has become more famous for surfers and they always packed the beach every day.

Typical Kedungu Beach Wave

Shore Break

Is a shore break, with the powerful wave, and right. This shore breaks it only working on high tide. Beware by the end of the season will be close out. This spot is suitable for the experienced surfer.


the mid-high tide is the best time to surf in here. there is left and right wave direction. much powerful in the right direction, and fat mellow on left. Suitable for intermediate up to professional. Will be good in low tide as well, but watch out for the sea urchin and sharp coral.


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