Keramas Beach

Keramas Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach situated in the east of Denpasar City which is dealing to the Indian Ocean. It is favored by the barrel and fast wave that offers more challenges for every surfer to conquer it and to enjoy the surf adventures. It is one of the famous surf spot in Bali Island that many visited by the surfers. The black sand stretch 15 miles from Klungkung regency to the west until Padang Galak Beach is a value edit own by this Beach and it is blessed by the beautiful and romantic view of sunrise at the early morning. The waves are barrel, powerful and roll are one of the fascination for the surfers to enjoy the surf adventures and the surfers must take the wave  from right to the left surf direction which is well known as right wave direction .

balisurfguides, balisurfinstructor, balisurfcoach, balisurftours, balisurftrips, balisurflessons, balisurflife, balisurf, baliwaves,surfspot, barrel keramasIts a beach break, wall and shallow, mid to high tide is the best time to surf. Right direction much more favorable, some times left direction work as well. Get into right peak to get long right barrel. At low tide you will see the flat sharp reef in bottom, and not working for surfing in here. Rain season is the best time to surf here where the on shore blowing.

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Keramas Beach Location

Keramas Beach is located in Keramas Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency and Bali Province – Indonesia. The name of the Beach is inspirited from the name of the Beach location where the Beach is situated that is in Keramas Village. It is situated close by surf spots such as Serangan Beach, sanur Beach and Ubud VIllage. just 45 minutes away from Denpasar International Airport by driving a car.

Quality starstarstarstar
Difficulty starstarstar
Suitability Experience / Pro
Direction Right
Type Reef
Avg. Size 4 ft
Max. Size 10 ft


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