Kuta Reef Bali

Kuta Reef Bali is a famous surf spot located in the middle of the sea and precisely in front of Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is the most famous Beach in Bali Island as the popular tourist destination.  Kuta Reef is a surf spot featured by the big and powerful waves that is suitable for surf adventures and provides two surf spots where the surfer can choose one of them. At those the surf spots, the surfer have also the opportunity to choose the both direction of surf from right to the left direction or from left to the right direction. Kuta Reef is situated is far in the sea that force every surfer to use the local traditional boat to reach this surf spot. This surf spot has been many visited by the surfers from both foreign and local surfers. The grade of wave at this surf spot is 3 levels that are ideally for advance up to professional surfers.

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Kuta Reef Location

Kuta Reef Bali is located in front of Kuta Beach , a famous Beach in the Bali Island with long white sandy beach stretch 7 kilometers until to Seminyak Beach. Kuta Reef is situated in the middle of Indian Ocean that forces every surfer who wishes to surf at this surf spot to use the local traditional  boat to reach the surf spot. The access to reach Kuta Reef is located in the center of Bali’s tourism that is every easy to find from any direction and situated close by Air Port Reef, Kuta Beach and Legian Beach.

Quality starstarstar
Difficulty starstar
Suitability Experience / Pro
Direction Left and Right
Type Reef
Avg. Size 3 ft
Max. Size 10 ft


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