Pererenan Beach

Pererenan beach is a beautiful beach with the black sand stretch 700 meters along the coastal with the stunning scenery to the Indian Ocean. It is a famous beach where is many visited by the tourists on holiday season meanwhile many surfers visit this beach in dry season for surfing adventures. Pererenan beach is a famous beach with a great and powerful waves that makes it as the favorite surf spot in Bali  Island. There are two surf spots available at this surf point with powerful, fast and barrel waves that make this Beach as one of the best surf Spots in Bali island. It is blessed by the breathtaking view and spectacular sunset at the late afternoon that creates the romantic nuance cover the entire coastal area and makes all visitors to enjoy for stay longer. This place is also a perfect place for the recreation with huge black sand where the visitors can do relax and enjoy the fresh air of the sea breeze.

prerenan, beach, canggu, barrel, black sand, right hander, left hander, surf tours, surf lessons, surf trips, surf point, surf spots, surf guide, local guide, bali surf guide, bali local guide, holiday, vacationBy Echo beach you can walk through Pererenan beach. Pererenan beach is stretch together with Echo beach. Black sandy beach and 500 meters along the coastal with the stunning scenery to the Indian Ocean. Famous beach with left and right direction best surfed mid to high tide. The wave can be really fast and hollow and fairly challenging at times. You needs to be comfortable with waves in Kuta before you think of trying Pererenan beach. high to mid tide is the best time as well for surf in here. There are two surf breaks in here:
River Mouth Right in front of the river mouth. Right direction, fast, powerful and wall. This is favorable surf spot for experienced surfer. Get into the right peak, otherwise you cannot get any waves.
Left If you go there with a car or scooter right in front of the main road, there is another Surf breaks. That we call left. Its a left and right direction. But much more powerful to the left. Mid to high tide is the best time to surf in here. even on mid tide beware by the end section its really shallow and a lot of sea urchin. It can hollow on low to mid tide

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Pererenan Beach Location

Pererenan Beach is located in Pererenan Village of Canggu, Mengwi Sub district, Badung Regency and Bali Province – Indonesia. It is easily reached because of the good access to the Beach and only 1 hours away from Denpasar International Air port by driving a car. It is very strategic and close with the other surf spot such as Echo Beach, and Old Man Beach. It is also close by the fisherman place in Seseh Village and from the Denpasar City, only take 45 minutes away and very easy to be reached hence this Beach many visited by the surfers every day.

Quality starstarstar
Difficulty starstar
Suitability Experience / Pro
Direction Left and Right
Type Reef
Avg. Size 3 ft
Max. Size 10 ft


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