Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is a beautiful  black sandy Beach( Beach break), situated in north of Legian Beach. The black sand stretch 5 km from Tuban Area has made it as a fascination for tourist to visit this place. It is favored by the great waves that is ideally for surf adventures hence many surfers visit this Beach to conquer the waves and to enjoy the surf adventures and beautiful panorama to the Indian Ocean. The wide black sand, complete with public facilities, small Hotels and five star hotels, international Restaurant and Bar. It is blessed by the breathtaking view of sunset that creates the romantic nuance cover the entire coastal area. It is very famous as tourist places in Bali Island that captivate tourist to go for recreation, swimming and relax while to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere flows from the ocean. The waves characteristic is big and powerful as a value for surfers to go for surfing so this beach to be one of the most famous surf spots in the Bali Island.

bali, surf, surfing, seminyak, kuta, surfguides, balisurf, balisurfguides, balisurflessons, balisurftours, balisurftrips, balisurflocalguides, barrelNext to the west of legian beach now we continue to Seminyak Beach. Which is really famous place in Bali as well. This beach is white sandy beach and really famous with their restaurant and their hotel. Seminyak beach take about 45 minutes from the airport. Its a White sandy beach, which is good for beginner surfer as well. This beach is quite save for beginner, because the bottom is sand. Lifeguard on duty. Seminyak beach is a beach break, There is some river mouth create a waves with amazing power, and some spot with powerfull waves as well.

Surf Spot Rating

Seminyak Beach Location

Seminyak Beach is located in Seminyak Village, kuta sub district, Badung Regency.North of Legian Beach or just a step from Legian Beach, the most famous tourist spots in Bali Island. It is situated just 40 minutes away from Denpasar International Air port. That are many of international standard hotels are built. It is supported by the good access that is easily accessed from any directions. It is situated in north of the most famous tourist places of Kuta just adjacent with the other famous surf spots such as Brawa Beach, Kuta Beach, Kuta Reef Beach and Air port Reef Beach.

Quality starstar
Difficulty star
Suitability Beginner / Experience
Direction Left and Right
Type Beach Break
Avg. Size 2 ft
Max. Size 7 ft


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