Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot Beach is one of the surfing spot in Bali. Today, July 12 fun surfing at Tanah Lot Beach Surf Spot with Sabrina and others. Sabrin is from Switzerland and come to Bali really often, Sabrina love much surf in Tanah Lot. Sabrina having fun and always call us before Sabrina go to surf in Tanah Lot beach.

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Tanah Lot Surf Spot

Sabrina usually stay in Bali for long term with his friend. She choose Bali for his holiday destination. Tanah Lot beach surf spot is one surf spot in Bali located in West coast side of Bali, One of the best tourist destination in Bali. The temple set on the rock, when its high tide the temple will look floating on the sea. Tanah Lot beach surf spot is a reef break, sharp coral, and a lot of sea urchin. Tanah Lot beach surf spot is a suitable for intermediate up to experience surfer. In between there is a cliff, look dangerous, but once you know the beach character, easily you will ride the swell in there. The current will take you to the right spot. watch out for the sea urchin when you surf in Tanah Lot beach.

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