Tanah Lot

 Tanah Lot Surf Spot is a great surf spot for intermediate surfer located in west part of Bali about 1 hour from Bali’s International Airport. It is situated in the famous reef beach where the amazing panorama as a magic to captivate tourist to visit. Tanah Lot has long time know as one of the famous tourist destinations in Bali Island featured by the panoramic view of a Hindu Temple set on the sea, beautiful sunset, great swells for surfing and complete tourist facilities.

Surfing at Tanah Lot

It is all about surfing, We have a great day in the morning in Tanah Lot surf spot. Which is 8 of us enjoy the left waves direction. Good waves for intermediate surfer and look challenging but truly is not. The surf spot is cover by hill and with amazing view. Tanah Lot surf spot is actually not a surf spot. Tanah Lot is a tourist destination and famous with their sunset. But the local people love to enjoy surfing in there and then this spot become more famous for foreigner.

Dediana Surf GuideTanah Lot Beach is beautiful beach, especilly during the afternoon. This beach one of the famous temple beach in the world. Located in Tabanan Regency, Kediri District, Beraban Village. This beach is one of the tourist destinations for who being holiday in Bali island, due to blessed by the stunning panorama, peacefull athmospere and the unique temple set on the big rock by the middle of the ocean. During sunset time that creates the breathtaking view and romantic nuance.

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