Uluwatu Surf Spots

Uluwatu Surf Spots is most famous of all surf spot in Bali and has become a surf breaks that all surfers one to surf at least once. Mostly wave direction is to the left. BEWARE…. This surf spot is only for experienced surfer. Situated in the southern tip of Bali. Reef breaks and sharp coral. To reach the breaks there is a trek all the way down to the Warungs and step on a sealed road. 4 different section to surf in Uluwatu.

Temples are long hollow waves that works well on mid up to high tide. Powerful and wall. The biggest wave can be 12 feet. Much fun to surf in 6 ft. And work well on middle to high tide. attend to close out at low tide.

The Peak is right in front of the Warungs on the cliff and in line with the cliff. will be works well on high tide. hollow, fast, and powerful. 4-6 feet much more fun to surf. High tide is the best time to surf.

Race Tracks is super fast and able to make a barrel on low tide. But really shallow, watch out for sea urchin, and do not drop in.

Out side Corners is considered of the surfer is one of best waves in the world. It would not even begin to break until the swell is at least around 7 ft. Get your one very long waves to the left and fast ride.

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Hollow waves


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